Improve your customers’ experience by relying on the cloud

Cloud computing has a wide reach, which allows to  improve the experience of customers and users. 

Cloud-based services have significant advantages over services with traditional structures. Cloud computing offers services, tools, and applications that deploy more agile and flexible performance, resulting in greater satisfaction for customers and users. 

Not surprisingly, the growth of the cloud industry is of such proportions that Gartner estimates that by 2025, 85% of organizations will be enjoying its benefits, strongly improving their operational efficiencies. 

One of the significant advantages of the cloud industry is the possibility of offering solutions “as a service,” which allows improving the results obtained by reducing investment and risk. 

“Call Centers” are typical beneficiaries of all the advantages of the cloud. CCaaS or Call Centers as a Service get the following benefits for their users when performing in the cloud: 

  • Seamless omnichannel experience: For companies with various customer service channels, phone lines, websites, chat, messaging applications, etc., users may perceive the lack of connection between these media. This difficulty stems from having many customers contact channels to facilitate the service. The cloud allows eliminating these disconnections by providing access from a single platform, providing a real omnichannel experience. In addition, no matter which channels the customer has generated the contact, the response is unified, improving the user experience. 
  • Reduced call times: This is one of the features that most impact the consumer experience. Long wait times make users feel dissatisfied, even if their requests are finally met. The service centers based on cloud platforms allow functionalities such as better call routing, automation, and use of artificial intelligence, to speed up the response to the client, improve its quality and reduce their time spent on the line. They also allow organizations to optimize the use of human resources. 
  • Permanent and continuous interaction with customers: nowadays, users expect increasingly long opening hours. The different models of work and study make it necessary to offer permanent care, ideally 24/7. Organizations can rely on chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence, trained to handle frequently asked questions. This option frees up the time of service agents to handle more complex queries, leaving routine questions in the hands of chatbots. Additionally, in addition to improving customer service, this tool enriches the work of service agents, as it leaves everyday tasks for automated tools and personalized attention for special cases. 

These are just some examples of how cloud computing is a fundamental piece today to improve the customer experience while also increasing the operational efficiency of organizations, making cloud platforms the answer to multiple needs of modern organizations. At Intcomex Cloud, we have the best solutions in the cloud, with subscription consumption models, so that while delivering benefits such as those mentioned here to your customers, you grow your business. Let’s talk!