Multicloud Strategy: What are the benefits that your customers cannot miss out on?

The growth of the cloud services market does not seem to stop. Although during the global emergency generated by Covid, this growth was explained by the flexibility it offered to various industries and types of users, given the return to business normality, the cloud continues to present impressive growth rates, even compared to the critical months of the pandemic.

The large cloud providers are leading this growth: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google invest heavily in market development and offer innovation in services and solutions that businesses cannot refuse.

This landscape presents users and consumers of these services with the opportunity to use the Multi-cloud strategy to maximize the benefits they find in the cloud. In addition to relying on the cloud to handle the largest workloads, data backups and tools for data analysis can benefit significantly from the diversity of vendors and the different tools and solutions they offer.

There is no longer the need to choose a provider and stick to their conditions. Cloud providers have been developing strengths in areas that all users can use. The perfect universal mix does not exist, which is the most fascinating thing about the Multi-cloud strategy. Each organization can design the combination of services that are most appropriate for its business in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and costs.

This diversity of options also works to the benefit of customers, who can avoid exclusivity clauses or permanence contracts. At the same time, this mobility of customers drives providers to offer better solutions and services in increasingly flexible models and at increasingly competitive costs. In this way, the market wins, and the growth figures demonstrate this.

The multi-cloud strategy also facilitates the selection of suppliers that guarantee compliance with regulations, adaptation to the needs of each area of the company, and the fluctuations of each business without incurring unnecessary complexity, duplication of services, or costs out of control.

On the other hand, there is no risk of paying for unnecessary services for the current business moment or being forced to alter business decisions to adapt to previously acquired obligations or different market conditions. All the aspects mentioned above must be considered by organizations considering starting their multi-cloud strategy and those that have already taken this step. Count on the support of Intcomex Cloud experts to accompany you on this journey and ensure that you find the optimal multi-cloud strategy for your clients.