In-Person AWS re:Invent returned in 2021 with a plethora of announcements

The cloud computing event took place in Las Vegas, NV, USA, from November 29 to December 3rd as both as an in-person and a virtual event

After canceling its in-person annual cloud computing conference last year in favor of a virtual event due to the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent returned to Las Vegas in 2021 for its 10th edition, and Intcomex Cloud was there as a strategic partner. 

This year, the cloud computing event was held across multiple venues in Las Vegas and virtually, so those attendees who weren’t able to attend to Las Vegas would also take part in it safely.  

Among the most relevant announcements AWS made during the conference an overhaul of the partner program to introduce the new “partner paths”, new partner competencies for energy, migration and mainframe modernization, and a set of new services for data analytics stood out. 

These are the ten biggest announcements AWS made during re:invent 2021:

Partner Program Overhaul

A replacement of the technology and consulting partner-type models to focus on what partners offer instead. The AWS partner program will offer five “paths” for partners to fit into starting January 31, 2022. 

Migration And Modernization Competency

AWS migration and modernization competency for partners showcases validated software solutions for customers. Through automation, this new competency is capable of cutting the customer asset modernization process in weeks.

“AI For Data Analytics “

A set of partner solutions called AI for Data Analytics (AIDA) to expand predictive analytics capabilities in workspaces.

Data Exchange For APIs 

This tool allows customers to subscribe to APIs in Data Exchange, call them using AWS SDK and govern from any AWS API call like IAM and CloudTrail. 

Data Exchange For Amazon Redshift Update

AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift allows users to find, subscribe to, and query data from multiple providers in Amazon Redshift without setting up extract, transform and load (ETL) or data pipelining tools. 

Energy Competency Generally Available  

AWS has made its Energy Competency generally available. Now, AWS partners will be able to showcase solutions that have undergone rigorous validation, including a third-party technical review and customer reference audit. 

AWS Marketplace For Containers Anywhere   

AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere capability allows customers to find, subscribe, deploy, and govern dozens of new container offerings directly onto the Kubernetes environment of their choice. 

More Tools for Public Sector and Smaller Partners   

New initiatives and programs to help partners migrate customer property to the cloud, including one focused on assisting ISVs to move electronic health records to the cloud in a secure way.  

Graviton Ready Program  

A new program that validates software products that integrate with Graviton processors, which are meant to enable the best price/performance for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) workloads. 

GameDay Benefits Expansion    

AWS has added benefits to GameDay for partners in the service delivery, service ready, competency, and MSP differentiation programs. Now, partners can use GameDay to explore AWS services, architecture patterns, best practices, and group cooperation.