How Customer Experience Drives Cloud Business Development.

The cloud gives you the ability to develop the experience that your customers and consumers are waiting for today. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Customers and consumers are increasingly demanding more. They seek consistent, continuous, fluid experiences with minimal adaptations or concessions on their part and favor those that offer a personalized commitment or relationship. What a great challenge!

They are not just more demanding. They have also changed the way they choose and approach products or services. Today digital interactions reign. These channels, which were considered complementary until recently, must focus on building a relationship with them. This digital experience is made easy by the cloud. It occurs through applications, products designed as digital from their conception, and omnichannel experiences that, supported by the cloud, deliver to users exactly what they’re expecting.

This new digital experience is present in all types of industries and all business sizes. For example, 83% of large companies had their workloads stored in the cloud during 2020. In addition, users of these companies have reported that an average employee uses approximately 36 cloud-based services in a typical workday.

Companies around the world can deliver experiences that guarantee security and control costs for customers. But they don’t stop there. Consumers take these benefits for granted. But, today, they are looking for meaningful connections to products.

The cloud helps ensure that business development is focused on these customer expectations. It is the key to leveraging customers’ information through their interactions to generate relevant insights. In this way, each client’s journey and relationship with the brand will be meaningful and develop a customer or consumer commitment to said brand.

The ability to effectively analyze data, powered by the cloud, facilitates scalability, fosters innovation and agility, and enables trust-building transparency in interaction. In this way, thanks to the cloud, it is possible to offer subscription services designed so that the customer experience is based on a deep connection with the brands while generating recurring income for the business—ideal for both parties. If the customer experience is significant, they will continue to connect with the brand, and the relationship and consumption will continue, the ultimate goal of business.

Find Intcomex Cloud solutions in the cloud so that your clients of all industries and business sizes can design and develop the experiences that their clients are looking for and, in this way, grow and achieve stable and consistent success.