Hand in hand with the leading experts in the industry

The Acronis #CyberFit Summit was held in Miami on October 25-28, 2021, as part of the Acronis World Tour. MSPs, Resellers, and partners worldwide had the opportunity to meet in Miami, combining face-to-face and virtual participation, reaching nearly 250 in-person participants and more than 2000 virtual participants.

The Summit brought together the world’s leading experts in cyber protection and integration. In addition, participants had the opportunity to interact with leading panelists and speakers to learn and reflect on the future of cyber protection.

Participants were able to enjoy sessions focused on achieving objectives. With this goal in mind, the following topics were discussed: automation as a means of generating revenue, profit, and growth in the MSPs business; analyzed and presented Case studies about the business of successful and profitable MSPs; Disaster Recovery as an essential tool for successful cyber threat mitigation and regulatory compliance was analyzed from the knowledge of expert speakers; sessions related to reducing risk and incidents originating in e-mail and the challenge of better endpoint cyber protection among many other topics.

An event of this magnitude could not have been successful without having world-class speakers, including:

  • Patrick Pulvermueller, recently appointed Acronis CEO, reflected on the challenge of delivering cyber protection technologies to Resellers and Partners, increasing their opportunities to support the growth and success of thousands of businesses relying on Acronis solutions to meet needs related to the cyber protection of its customers.
  • Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and Venture.
  • Chris Voss, negotiation expert, and CEO of Black Swan Group

Participants also enjoyed the panel “Women in Technology,” led by Brooke Baldwin and featured Amy Luby and Katya Ivanova from Acronis, Amy O’Connor of IAMF, Ann Cloyd — co-founder of Deep Tech, and Wanda Eugene of the University of Miami. This meeting was a unique networking opportunity for the participants, enjoying these panelists’ extensive knowledge.

Finally, participants had the opportunity to attend professional training led by the experts in Acronis cyber protection solutions, enabling them to gain more extensive management and in-depth knowledge of Acronis solutions.

Only a true expert like Acronis has been able to host an event of this magnitude, providing MSPs, Resellers, and Partners with the knowledge and support they need to be ready to lead their customers’ path to cyber protection. Seize the opportunity to have the winning Cyber Protection solutions that Acronis offers, provisioning them through the Intcomex Cloud Platform, and be part of the incredible world of Acronis cyber protection.