Is Multi-Cloud the right path fot today’s Business?

The adoption of multiple clouds is an alternative that emerges before the decision-makers of the business, who are in permanent search of their best option in all areas. A Multi-cloud strategy is an exciting option that allows companies to enhance the security, versatility, and agility of the solutions and applications developed for the cloud.

Far from being just an option for information storage, the cloud has emerged as the answer to the changing needs of businesses around the world. In just the last 18 months, they have gone from fully face-to-face to purely virtual business scenarios to end up in the hybrid environment they face today. The latter, resulting from the rapid evolution of business and its agile adaptation to change, presents the ideal response for many environments, but at the same time the most significant challenges: How to combine total flexibility for employees with the security and performance that a business deserves? The answer lies in the cloud: availability, flexibility, scalability, and performance, meeting the highest security standards and with subscription and pay-as-you-go business models, delivers everything a business need, right?

Not so fast. Some detractors of this new alternative point out the risk inherent in using either a public cloud service with the consequent dangers it poses to critical business information, the high cost of private cloud solutions, the limitations for a company of delivering all its data to a third party and adapting to its way of working, being forced to accept the business conditions of a third party and finally, being at the mercy of failures in its service.

These mentioned features may be valid for cloud services. But is it necessary for a business to choose between the benefits and costs of this model? The answer, fortunately, lies in the multi-cloud model, which allows companies to choose the best from each of the bidders, finding the perfect balance that delivers their business the best result at the best cost.

Businesses leveraged with multi-cloud strategies enjoy multiple benefits:

  • Possibility to enjoy the best cloud solutions or the solutions that make the most sense for their business without being tied to the ones offered in a particular cloud environment.
  • Balance the perfect mix between less expensive public cloud services to handle the business areas that allow it and mix them with more costly services that deliver higher performance, greater security, or certain features specifically needed for their business.
  • Freedom to change suppliers without exclusivity contracts or terms of permanence.
  • Risk reduction by not having all the information and services of your company with a single provider.
  • Increased disaster recovery capacity, given the diversity of suppliers and their various response times.
  • “As a service” solutions that allow flexibility of consumption and pay per use, optimizing the use of the organization’s resources.

A multi-cloud strategy emerges as a competitive advantage for today’s businesses. It becomes an essential pillar for the development of companies and is within reach of all types and sizes of business. Intcomex Cloud is pleased to make available to its Resellers and its customers the best options in the cloud, taking full advantage of a multi-cloud approach: Nothing like having the best ally in the cloud!