How MFA protects your business information in the cloud

Multi-factor authentication or MFA is an additional layer of security that requires users to verify their identity in two or more ways before allowing access to a system. Although initial critics of this security complained of burdening users with additional responsibilities or procedures every day, there are more and more advocates of such protections for business information.

There are many reasons why systems, applications, and organizations, in general, must decide as soon as possible to implement this type of security. Using MFA provides simple and effective protection for users, systems, and the network.

How does MFA help reduce an organization’s risks? It’s simple. The solutions used to protect information typically leave a door open for users to enter the systems. Unfortunately, it is not only users who enter through this door. Attacks, cybercriminals, and all sorts of threats come in as well. Therefore, adding a layer of protection at the access point to the system is vitally important to ensure information security.

This extra layer of protection doesn’t have to be a burden on users. On the contrary, relying on applications of agile and straightforward use, users can meet this requirement and thus contribute to the security of systems.

In the hybrid environment that currently prevails in organizations, the need to offer additional layers of security becomes more relevant. It is well known that cyberattacks are the order of the day. In the Threat Intelligence Report, published by Check Point Research, we find alarming information: organizations in Latin America have been attacked on average 968 times a week in the last six months.

Hybrid or remote work environments pose additional risks to organizations. Unsecured Wi-Fi networks connect users, and the risk of having unguarded devices is higher than in traditional offices. The protection that MFA provides is effective in these cases while still being simple to apply. Intcomex Cloud Platform incorporates MFA to protect your cloud operations center. Relying on the Microsoft Authenticator application, available for iOS and Android, MFA on ICP offers an excellent protection for information handled in the cloud from the moment of entry to the platform.

Learn how to take advantage of this benefit starting in late August by downloading the MFA guide for ICP.