Change in access to AZURE Power BI reports

The new procedure will take effect this November.

As of Thursday, November 26, 2020, Intcomex Cloud Platform (ICP) will change the access procedure for Legacy Azure Subscription Power BI reports. Going forward, Power BI integrated will replace URL Power BI versions.

With this change, Power BI URL versions reach the end of their life cycle; therefore, it will no longer be available in the ALSO Cloud Marketplace user interface. From said date, it will not be possible to access the data through the URL or update the information. All Power BI data, including that from previous months, will be available only through the integrated version.

Intcomex Cloud´s goal with this is to increase the quality of service, as well as to strengthen security, boost speed, and improve Microsoft support.


Resellers and end customers who want to access detailed information on their Legacy Azure usage can do so via a URL. Once the URL is shared, no additional authentication is required to view the updated BI data.



Only authenticated Cloud Marketplace users will be able to see an additional tab in their user interface when clicking on any Azure subscription.

Resellers will see two reports:

  • Azure insights for resellers (contains reseller prices)
  • Azure insights for customers (contains end-customer prices)

End Customers will see one report

  • Azure insights for customers (contains end-customer prices)

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