Anti-pandemic protection for businesses productivity

Office 365 E1 promo: First 6 months free on annual commitments

  • The COVID-19 emergency has put in danger not only the health of the world’s population but also the businesses. The new Office 365 E1 with Microsoft Teams promo is meant to boost productivity while complying with social distancing orders.

No one saw it coming. There was no time to prepare, much less to plan for an adequate transition to the new normal; the COVID-19 pandemic completely flabbergasted whole world, and its repercussions on people’s lives and the global economy -therefore on businesses- are unprecedented, yet to be dimensioned.

Given the urgent need for people to keep social distancing to reduce the spread of the novel respiratory virus, several companies found themselves in a disjunctive for which they could not prepare in advance: either they suspended operations until further notice, or sent their staff -when possible- to work from home. More than a simple disjunctive, this was a life-or-death proposition to many of them.

For those organizations that had already adopted telecommuting as a policy, this was not a major issue; they were ready, but businesses that were just considering the possibility and those that hadn’t given it a thought, also had to jump head-first in the remote work wagon to survive, even when they didn’t possess the technological tools necessary to make it work.

Aware of this predicament, Intcomex Cloud and Microsoft bring this Office E1 with Microsoft Teams promotion to our partners and their customers. For the first 6 months of their annual commitments, our customers will be able to use the most powerful apps and service suite for productivity optimization in the cloud, at no cost.

What’s included?

In a nutshell, this offer provides businesses with all the tools they may need to tackle the risks and challenges that come with having to send their staff to work remotely.

The promo grants access to the latest online versions of the renowned business apps from Office 365 such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, as well as to a long list of cloud-based services from Microsoft; amongst them:

  • Teams: Powerful video conference, virtual meeting, webinar, document sharing solution
  • Exchange: Email management, anti-virus, malware, spam protection from on device
  • Flow: App integration for workflow automatization
  • Forms: Forms, surveys, questionnaires, polls to empower workflows
  • OneDrive:1 Tb of storage per user
  • MyAnalytics: Productivity optimization through work data analysis
  • Planner: Task and project management, teamwork daily planning
  • WhiteBoard: Team collaboration and brainstorming board
  • PowerApps: Quick, easy app design and development with or without coding
  • SharePoint: Store, organize, share, access documents from inside or outside the organization
  • Stream: Organizational Video, presentation, and multimedia channel
  • Sway: Create and share interactive briefings, personal stories, Gety presentations and more
  • Yammer: Corporate social media platform

The Office 365 E1 promo also gives tenants the possibility of using up to 3000 licenses per user, including the full Microsoft Teams experience. The use of these licenses will be completely free of charge for the first six months of any annual commitment, billing will run from the seventh month, and the price will be the one in effect the first month, at the date the subscription was provisioned. The deadline for subscribing to this offer is June 30th, 2020.

This promo is available for new customers and any existing tenant who doesn’t have an active subscription on CSP, Web Direct -or any other Microsoft commercial channel- to the products listed below, or who has cancelled a subscription to any them within 30 day:

The products are:
Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3, Office 365 E5, Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Office 365 F3, Microsoft 365 F3, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (formerly known as Office 365 ProPlus), Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly known as Office 365 Business Essentials), Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formerly known as Office 365 Business Premium), Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formerly known as Microsoft 365 Business), Microsoft 365 Apps for business (formerly known as Office 365 Business), Exchange Online Essentials, Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online Plan 2

The offer does not apply to organizations from the Academic, Syndication, or GCC sectors, and under no circumstance it can be used to replace a valid paid agreement.

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