Office 365 E1 promo

First 6 months free on annual commitments

How to obtain it?

The Office 365 E1 promo with Microsoft Teams is available to all organizations of any sizes, as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Being a new Intcomex Cloud customer or an existing tenant who doesn’t have an active subscription on CSP, Web Direct -or any other Microsoft commercial channel- to the products listed below, or who has canceled a subscription to any them within 30 days. The products are:
  • Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3, Office 365 E5, Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Office 365 F3, Microsoft 365 F3, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (formerly known as Office 365 ProPlus), Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly known as Office 365 Business Essentials), Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formerly known as Office 365 Business Premium), Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formerly known as Microsoft 365 Business), Microsoft 365 Apps for business (formerly known as Office 365 Business), Exchange Online Essentials, Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online Plan 2
  • This promo does not apply to Academic, Syndication, or GCC customers; and under no circumstance, it can be used to replace a valid paid subscription.

However, the way businesses provision this offer is not the same for all.

For end-users -businesses in general-, obtaining this Office 365 E1 + Microsoft Teams promo is as simple as getting in touch with the Intcomex Cloud reseller of their liking. They comprise the largest IT service provider network in Latin America, so finding one should not be difficult.

For current Intcomex Cloud partners, the offer is available in our ICP platform, and the provisioning process is very simple.

IT service providers who are not Intcomex Cloud partners yet, but want to become one, so they can offer their clients this and hundreds of other top-notch solutions in the cloud from industry-leading vendors, must -first of all- register as resellers. Only then would they’d gain access to the ICP.

But what is ICP? ICP or Intcomex Cloud Platform is our cloud service operations hub. We have designed this platform for our partners to provision the solutions they sell to their clients but also, and above all, for it to be a source for training, and the exchange of information and ideas. ICP is where our partners reach their full potential in terms of competitivity.

Once registered and having obtained their credentials as a Tenant, the steps partners need to follow to provision the Office 365 E1 with Microsoft Teams promo, goes as follows:

  1. Select the account and tenant from which you are going to provision (if you don’t have the account or tenant please created)
  2. Select the service to provision (Option > New Service)
  3. Got to the option Office 365 E1 Promo
  4. Follow the instructions as detailed
  5. Once you complete the previous step, the service will be ready in the Microsoft portal for use

With the completion of the last point on the list, the licenses will become available in the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Tenant of the partner. If the licenses wouldn’t appear there, it is possible to add them to the platform’s Marketplace (Main menu, second tab).

Promo actived!

For further information, visit our website 

Send us an email to for more details on how to register to the ICP, and for additional information requests regarding this or any other Intcomex Cloud service.