New Business Intelligence Portal for resellers!

The tool you were waiting for!

The business intelligence portal is already available in the list of services that Intcomex is offering to our ICP partners- Intcomex Cloud Platform.

With this new service, you will have access to a complete set of reports and graphics with which you can know very fast your Cloud business status and the trends, according to your account data history registered at Microsoft data bases. These were designed thinking in simplifying its management in order to apply filters to obtain information according with your particular interests of the moment.

We invite you to explore and learn how to use this tool, where you can analize new subscriptions, percentage of losses, new clients, sales and budgets. Intcomex put to your dispositions a use guide to get higher benefits of this tool.

We are sure that with this portal, the dashboards, graphics and reports, are going to be an essential tool for desition making in your business; an additional reason for you to adopt ICP as your leading platform in the cloud. 

Please contact to support or your local sales representative in case to have any question or doubt. They will gladly attend you.  

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