Why move from Advisor to CSP? 12 reasons that will convince you

We know how successful you are at selling Office 365.  So, what if we tell you that you can be even more successful, have more benefits, better margins and better incentives?

Office 365 is the “suite” productivity solutions designed for enterprise-level Microsoft users and preferred by the modern enterprise because it allows them to have their complete office in the cloud, regardless of whether there are 1 or 2 people or if they are large business organizations. That’s why sales for Office 365 has been a successful choice for many of our resellers, who up until now have done it through the Model Advisor.

We want to tell you that through our Intcomex Cloud software, you can become a CSP Partner allowing you to sell cloud solutions for Microsoft to your enterprise customers with greater advantages over the model Advisor.  When you know more you won’t want to wait more, fore sure.


1. No more annual payments. Now you can buy the same products in the cloud with easy monthly payments, which will facilitate closing businesses that were not previously possible and give you recurring revenue that provides stability to your business.

2.The CSP program offers greater incentives, which tend to increase with Microsoft policies. In year 1, the percentage of Incentives for CSP is 20%, while Advisor is 16%. The lowest incentives rates in the first year and goes down significantly for the second year and third year to 3%, as shown in FIG. 1


With Advisor you only win through incentives. In CSP, in addition to incentives that are three times higher, you have the margin of the transaction that can exceed up to 10%, which is an additional gain for the whole business.

3. You’re in control

  • You can have greater control over your relationship with your customer and your business. With this type of sale you pick your client and the time of sale, make the request for Office 365 (and any products of our portfolio) directly in our Marketplace.
  • You can integrate your services on an offer, to provide customers a complete solution that makes it more attractive and profitable for your proposal having control over prices and solutions.
  • The invoice is emitted directly to your customer. In this way you can unify the recollection of the solution. This gives you control over billing.
  • When the client has an issue or inquiry, we will look to you first for the respective attention and let you know the status of the solution provided for your client. This is controlled support.
  • The client can terminate the service partially or totally at any time, without thinking about fines or payments for early withdrawal. In CSP you have control of the length of service.
  • From Advisor mode you can sell Office 365 and Azure, instead in CSP mode you can expand your portfolio, sell not only the products most requested by your customers but also a great additional variety to create unique and differentiated offers: Office 365, Azure, EMS , Intune, Yammer, Skype for business, among many others. So you’re in control of your portfolio.

4.Diversity in payment methods. Advisor only allows one possible form of payment by credit card. At Intcomex, thanks to its financial strength, you can have different alternatives from credit and term for the type of CSP extending it to your customers.

Payment methods


CSP: Múltiples formas de pago:
-tarjeta de crédito
-transferencia bancaria
y pagos en línea

Advisor: Una forma de pago:
tarjeta de crédito

5. Intcomex unique Cloud Marketplace offers you fully automated business portal that allows you to do all the shopping for supplies and products as well as handle all your customers and your subscriptions in one place, through a control panel centralized.

6. To get to know your client, you will identify new needs that can supply solutions that will grow your account. It is the best way to generate new sales and cross-product portfolio to increase revenue per customer sales.

7. CSP you have access to support services that Intcomex Cloud offers, including excellent response times and coverage depending on the severity of the issue at hand.

8. Worried about the change and migration process? Stop worrying! Intcomex has a team of experts at regional level that will support the transfer of your customers Advisor to CSP through an efficient process for both new sales and for renewals.

9. Advisor does not have access to the resale of services offered through the distribution model.

10. As CSP Partner can sell products of other manufacturers that are part of our Marketplace to complete your service offering.


11. Since the CSP program have access to our benefits program Intcomex Cloud, which has a digital training platform, an automated marketplace and marketing packages to help you with your positioning strategy on the market.