Is it possible to have monthly sales of Office 365, Azure, EMS and CRM Online?

Although it seems hard to believe, the answer is a great YES. Today Microsoft has developed a new way to sell their products known as the Cloud Solution Provider Program, or CSP Program, which has become the best alternative to entering the business Cloud. It is the way in which Microsoft through a CSP Tier 2 provider such as Intcomex, allows you to sell their solutions on the cloud for  Office 365, Azure, EMS and CRM Online.  Your customers are asking for it, there is high demand- and now you can sell it to them without having to be an expert in these products.  Intcomex guarantees your final customer service.

What are the advantages of the CSP model?

This sales model brings advantages for both your client and yourself

Benefits for your client:

  • Customer pays for what he/she uses
  • Customers can make monthly payments for their products
  • Customers can use the Microsoft IT infrastructure as a service
  • You can increase or reduce the solution’s reach according to what your business requires
  • Automatic installation service
  • Mobility for its users

Advantages for you as a channel:

  • Increased sales to improve business closures
  • Monthly Income
  • Lower risk
  • Easier sales of other products and services portfolio
  • Ability to develop managed services around Microsoft products
  • Increased Revenue

We not only want you to be a CSP Partner at Intcomex Cloud, we want you to have the key to develop business and get the greatest benefits, so we’ve developed some tips that will help ensure results:

TIP 1: Monthly Payments! The big difference

You have seen how the economy has had results that have affected everyone and your customers are no exception.

Safe to say, when you visit your customers and tell them that you have their favorite Microsoft solutions with payment arrangements that do not require financing or a large initial investment, it’s going to be a game changer.  This allows your customer to pay only for what they use, growing and reducing users at any time and paying monthly service fees- insuring you’ve got your client’s full attention.  Make the most out of this key advantage given to our CSP Partners! Sell monthly Star Microsoft Portfolios. So many of new businesses to close without having to fight the final price!

 TIP 2: Be the chosen one! Coming in first, helps ensure you’re the chosen one!!

Did you know that an end customer can only have one CSP Partner?

In other sales of Microsoft one provider can only attend products it was possible that several Partners serve the same client, now in CSP Partner format customers.  It doesn’t matter what size of sales you had before, the important thing is to position yourself in the lead now. If you are the first to become a CSP Partner your client will chose only you to do business with. It’s on you to make a different approach, provide the full portfolio of Microsoft products to your client and meet all their technology needs.  Are you up for it?

Don’t let others gain ground on you. This is the time to reach out to more customers and secure your participation, later may just be too late!

TIP 3: Major Incentives

Among the great advantages that you receive when you become a CSP Partner is that you can reach customers who perhaps were your competition until recently. CSP can provide better business conditions for your customers and your accounts with higher incentives that can apply to close your business and motivate your sales force.

Microsoft presents its quarterly list of incentives in CSP format: always get the best and strategic tools for a successful negotiation.

TIP 4: New to Microsoft? That’s OK! Intcomex has got your back

We know that many of you have seen your customers in dire need of Office 365, Azure, EMS or CRM Online, and do not have the experience or the expertise to configure, deploy and support these services on their infrastructure. By selling Microsoft solutions in CPS format, you have the advantage of having Intcomex Cloud deliver a fully operational solution to your customer with first class service for the needs they may have, and even support and escalate level 2 issues, accompanied by the Intcomex team through the process until Microsoft responds.

TIP 5: Expert Services

If you are an expert in Microsoft services, CSP format is a gold mine for you to fully exploit. It’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! Selling licenses is the first door you have to open in getting a client, services are a way to keep that door open, generate recurring revenue and increase your revenue goal. Tell us what opportunities you have and we will gladly help you develop them.

TIP 6: Become a CSP Partner with the best equipment

Success is a team effort. Intcomex Cloud is designed to target all tools in technology, sales, marketing and products that can be required to develop this new business in true excellence. We are fully committed on a regional level to give you all the help you need.   Every request is provided the resources to respond to the concerns and needs a CSP Partner may have.

You, as a channel, can become a CSP Partner through Intcomex Cloud. To do so, you must apply through our website and fill in the form “Become a Partner” or contact your local account manager.

To learn more about the program, you can access our FAQs section at: