Discover the innovative world of Intcomex Cloud and take the challenge

You’ve heard talk about your competition getting stronger, cloud incentives and yet – you’ve still not done anything about it?  You might think you cannot be a service business and be in the cloud business?

Time to think again. Let us give you a response to this and other concerns regarding cloud business.

Starting 2015, Intcomex became a solutions provider for Microsoft cloud through a unique program called CSP, through which you can buy products such as Office 365, Azure and EMS in a revolutionary way that will put you at the top of your market.

Remember when you had to ignore those opportunities where your client just wanted licensing for Microsoft Office a couple of months and there was no way to do this? Well now, the answer is these situations are Yes: Yes, you can. With this new alternative sales CSP format, you can offer your customers the same products on the cloud, with a monthly basis and multiple additional benefits.

So, what does this mean for your business? Only benefits.

It means it will be easier to achieve business closures and your client will not have to incur in CAPEX or credits to cover these payments, which would usually delay their making a decision of purchase. Now your client can have monthly payments that ease cash flow and make decisions in a shorter period.

Scalability in sales: your client can increase or decrease its users each month paying for what they use on the go, without incurring in extra fees or penalties for early decommissioning.

By having a service base that is able to cross-sell (i.e. sales of other services portfolio also generated recurrence and increase in your income), you now have a closer relationship with your customer, which will generate better short and long term relationships.

Giving your client fewer reasons to go look for what the competition has to offer, as they will always be better off with your conditions in service.

You can ensure recurring monthly revenues, which generates greater stability to your business with predictable growth.

This allows you to see a new picture:  completely successful.  But, this does not stop here; we still have more news to tell you about what you can achieve when selling Intcomex Cloud.

More profits. We know that this is an important part and there are incentives you can get that are higher than compared models for licensing.

A current service provider or not, you can also sell the products in our portfolio, we’ll give you the services you need, from product configuration and migration, to ongoing management of each of them.  Best of all, you win incentives here as well.

We have a fully automated Marketplace, which allows you to find Microsoft products and broad product portfolios in the cloud to complete your offer, which has single, centralized management simplifying your operation for delivery and billing of products and services.

We give you support through a marketing team that will be delivering advertising materials, campaigns, emails and ready to use artwork with your end customers, so you can focus on your creative business material.

It’s time to make a decision. Are you ready to accept the challenge and get on the cloud?

Become a part of Intcomex Cloud and expand your business, generate greater profitability and earn revenues on a recurring basis. To learn more and begin now, click here.

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