Accvent Case


PROJECT: Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

The migration process was successful, extremely simple and fast. Not only did we migrate email accounts but also had all the user information from our calendars, contacts and documents migrated and integrated from the very beginning. 98% of email accounts were migrated without users even noticing.

– Alejandro Rivas

Digital Marketing Manager

Client Profile: Accvent, a relatively new company formed in the United States based in Miami, decided to buy stakes in three technology companies. Accvent is focused on innovation and collaboration that seeks to have technological solutions for supporting innovative results for successful leaders in consolidated markets.

Business challenge: Different business relationships have been established via e-mail at Accvent turning e-mail into its main communication tool.  However, everyday users had to deal with different mail solutions, implying a significant administrative and operating wear out. Events such as delays and even post losses were some of the difficult situations they faced, affecting both internal communications as well as with suppliers.

Solution: Accvent, according to their specifications required a mixed solution that would migrate accounts to Business Premium and Office 365 Exchange Online, which provides its users not only a versatile tool that allows e-mail use from your computer, mobile and/or web, they also have installed Office applications, which integrate well with collaboration tools and Microsoft mail, fulfilling communication needs.


  • Unification of mailing platform with collaboration features to ensure user’s contacts and shared calendar
  • Immediate use of the solution, short periods of migration, and familiarity with the mail platform for minimizing user interaction default.
  • Migration process was successful and transparent to users.
  • Users improved internal communication and offer easier management of e-mail
  • Easy configuration on phones
  • Increased storage space for every user
  • Personalized support that ensures the satisfaction of users at the time of migration.