7 Things to help your clients with

After reviewing 2015 as a whole, we realize we are facing great challenges in this market.  The economic outlook has not improved in the short term, which is why companies are facing optimization processes, budget cuts and even postponing decisions that are not strictly required for business or which are not supported with a return on investment in the short term.

This is where you can play a very important role; because you have many options at hand that can help your customers make the reductions and innovations needed, ensuring a very positive result. Part of your experience should focus on identifying what needs your customers have and helping them find the solution they are looking for.

  1. Moving to the cloud faster and optimizing investments. It’s become proven fact that as users increasingly generate more information, more storage is needed.  Storage is one of the components that affect IT directly, and now you can help your customers save up to 60% on storage costs. By moving to the cloud your customers can make an appropriate and controlled use of space, without having to incur in new investments and the possibility to increase or decrease capacity, as the business will require in time. You can also offer them a hybrid configuration, i.e. solutions in the cloud and on-site that allow you to optimize investments already made.
  2. Use what you already have to implement faster solutions. Wearing out current solutions is something many IT departments cope with everyday as their user’s demands increase. While you are performing migrations of corporate applications to the cloud, IT can address other infrastructure implementations release, so extending the life of existing investments without compromising the performance of other applications and attention to user requirements.
  3. Maximize productivity and reduce wasted time. 24% of the time, sales teams are not selling.  Running business processes that don’t provide improvement reduces the effectiveness of sales closings. Help your customer showing them a comparison between how their sales force is currently working and how it can be improved.  So much collaborative information is available to support their closures sales, show them how information allows for designing strategies to sell more effectively. They’ll surely appreciate you even more when they find a way improve their sales force efficiency on a weekly basis.
  4. Reduce travel costs and communication. Often times, your client has its operations located in different parts of the city, in different cities and even in different countries. This opens the possibility of carrying forward solutions for these types of customers reducing travel costs up to 40%, a very significant figure, that can come in handy to your client’s everyday activities.
  5. Increase results by understanding your customer data with a productivity improvement of 43% and reducing costs by 66%. Present your customer with tools to understand and correlate this information, promoting an asset that counts and that it is directly shown on your company’s revenue.
  6. Train your mobile workforce and obtain 163% ROI in 7 months and up to 30% savings in training costs with E-learning and Training Vouchers
  7. Reduce IT management costs, and save up to 35% less time in device management. With centralized management solutions and known user that give autonomy without resorting to IT staff and automatically deploying applications in cases where it were required.

Try to find the opportunities that best meet your customer’s needs. Start this year as your customer’s technology, build trust and help your client grow.

For further information on the portfolio with which Microsoft responds to each of these situations, we invite you to visit our website https://cloud.intcomex.com/categoria-portafolio/microsoft-en/