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Intcomex, with presence in 15 countries, serving more than 40 territories and 50,000 resellers in Latin America and the Caribbean, is your One-Stop Shop with a wide range of cloud solutions such as collaboration, productivity, infrastructure, mobility and security, as well as managed and value-added services.



To work from anywhere with the best applications for creating, editing and visualizing business data


Portfolio that offers endless possibilities to create and deploy any IT Project.


Solutions that help teams to optimize their time and tasks to be more productive.


Tools that increase productivity and security. Allows users to work anywhere from any device.


Integrate security as a determining factor to build, develop and implement  IT Solutions.

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We help you develop your business in the cloud

Microsoft Technology Centers

Experience the Microsoft cloud at the MTC!

  • Technology initiatives can transform your business, but they can also stall or end in disaster. How can you ensure your technology investments payoff by creating new businesses, enabling your employees to be more productive or open new channels to engage with your customers?At the MTC, we will help you find the right solutions to transform your business in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

    With over 14 locations across the US, the MTCs bring together the right resources to help you explore the potential impact of cloud, mobile & social solutions to your business.

    People: The MTC staff are experts in Microsoft solutions. Their tenure in the industry ensures they will effectively guide your team to rapidly find solutions to your technology challenges.

    Partners: The MTCs have formed alliances with industry leaders who provide comprehensive resources, including hardware, software, and services to explore during your engagements.

    Place: The MTC environment provides rich interactive and immersive experiences for you to learn first-hand how Microsoft and partner technologies can help you take on your most difficult challenges.


Price: $0.00

Date: 1 September

AI Discovery Day

Microsoft's vision is to democratize AI and make it accessible and valuable to everyone. Join us to learn how to start building intelligence into your solutions with the Microsoft AI platform, including pre-trained AI services like Cognitive Services and Bot Framework, as well as deep learning tools like Azure Machine Learning.


Price: $0.00

Date: 5 September

Introducing Azure Sphere

A New Solution for Creating Highly-Secured, Connected MCU Devices
You are invited to an IoT In Action two-part webinar series on Azure Sphere!
You won’t want to miss our 1st Special Edition webinar on September 12th focused on Azure Sphere – a solution for creating highly-secured, connected microcontroller unit (MCU) powered devices, providing you with the confidence and the power to reimagine your business and create the future. During this webinar, you’ll get a firsthand look at how Azure Sphere was developed with The Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices.


Price: $0.00

Date: 4 October

Discover the value offer of Intcomex Cloud

In this session, we will present the value offer of Intcomex Cloud so that you get familiar with its main tools, our solutions and services. Make the most of it for your business.


Price: $0.00

Date: 10 October

Improve legal collaboration using Microsoft Teams and OneNote

Bring flexibility to work

Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Teams make note-taking and collaboration simpler and more intuitive. During this webinar, you'll learn how Microsoft's legal department uses these robust tools to be more productive and collaborative.


Price: $0.00

Date: 14 November

Why transform you business to cloud

In this session, we will present the value offer of Intcomex Cloud so that you get familiar with its main tools, our solutions and services. Make the most of it for your business.

Price: $0.00

Date: 15 November

Discover how AI gives lawyers time to perform more valuable work

While law firms are slow to embrace this new technology, artificial intelligence is already having an impact on firms in the United States and around the world. Bots and machines are being utilized to do tedious, time-consuming tasks like collecting data, searching records, going through old cases, and verifying facts — work currently done by junior lawyers and paralegals. It's likely that AI won't replace lawyers but will instead allow them to work differently than they have before.


Price: $0.00

Date: 12 December

Azure webinar series

See Why Azure Is the Right Choice Over AWS for Cloud Migration


Price: $0.00

Date: 18 October


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